About the girl ghost ~ #loveandpizzapuntoit

“(…) ‘Well, she left her name, Lucia, and her address. When we went to look for the address, it was a church nearby.’ghost girl bride
‘A church?’ I asked surprised.
‘Yes, the church of Purgatorio ad Arco.’
‘That’s strange. Did she live there?’
‘That’s the most interesting part of the story… The only Lucia that the church people had heard of was a girl who had died in 1789!’
‘Nooo…. Oh my God… That’s spooky.’
‘It is, isn’t it?’ Renata added, ‘That’s why we still keep the doll. Tourists like to hear the story. Have you been to that church yet?’
‘Not yet, but it’s in my itinerary for today. Now I want to go there even more!’
Renata went back to one of the dolls she’d been working on when I arrived, and I walked around the shop again, looking at all the types of defects the dolls had. They also had dolls for sale, so I bought one with long, wavy black hair and a typical Italian costume, said thanks and I left. Thinking of Lucia.(..)”


Now for the most haunted places in Napoli: If you need an Italian-English translator, click here.


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