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2321320152_Graphic__Music__Headphones__HeartHi all,

Ok, I’ve been posting about my debut novel, Loveandpizza.it, for a while, right?
You may have also read how hard, although great fun, to write it and finally get to the end of it.
As I got into the plot and into the characters’ minds, I noticed that something was missing. You know when you listen to a song and you think: “Gee! That’s my song?”
Well, as in a Brazilian soup opera, Carolina and the other characters needed theme songs. After all, how would I set the mood for their romances and mishaps if not by choosing songs that that just had to be theirs?
Seeing that the story is set in Napoli, I needed the input of Italian music/language. There are some romantic songs, some happy songs, there is one of the songs that if Loveandpizza.it were a film, it would be playing in the exact moment when Fabri… ops! sorry, I can’t say and spoil it for you, can I? 🙂
Anyway, this is a challenge for you: The song in the soundtrack below is “La fine”, by Tiziano Ferro.


If you’ve read Loveandpizza.it, write down where you think I’d put this song into the story.
If you haven’t read the book, yet, grab yours below!




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