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peekHi all!

First of all, I’d like to thank all of you who have been visiting my website. I hope you’ve enjoyed.

I’m “recycling” this post from The Writing Shed to remind you about Peek. In search for help to have a great blog for you, I came across this comment on a Facebook thread once about the website.

You’ve probably heard of it already, or perhaps even tried it. Well, I did. The first time I sent my website address for review (yep, you get 3 reviews in a month for free), I must confess that I was dreading  the email with the review video (yes, it is that cool!), but about 15 minutes later, there it was in my inbox. What it said? Gosh, let’s just say it needed some change, hehe. I imagine they have volunteers to look at the websites and review them. They have to answer three questions:

1) What’s your first impression of this page? What is it for? 

2) What is the first thing you would like to do on this page? Please go ahead and try to do that now. Please describe your experience.

3) What stood out to you on this website? What, if anything, frustrated you about this site? Please summarize your thoughts regarding this website.

I get a bit upset with some of the reviews of The Shed(of course, it’s my website, I’ve been working hard on it!) and the fact that some reviewers don’t really try to click on things, and keep saying they don’t know what the blog is about.

Anyway, it’s been a great eye-opener. At least it’s given me some ideas to work with. I hope you’ve liked the changes. Click on the picture to watch a video of how Peek works:

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