We are off to Pompeii! ~ #loveandpizzapuntoit

Hi there!

As you know, The Writing Shed is is Napoli this week (well, I am in Napoli this week hehe) with my “little” sister Cintia (or Cinzia – read tcheentzia – as the Italians call her).

Cintia was my inspiration to write Carolina and I swear that there was nothing else I was expecting more on this trip to Napoli than showing her all the corners “she’s been to”.

She’s having an amazing time! We’re nearly freezing (especially her!) and walking so much that at the end of the day, all we want is to crash in to bed – oh, better than that: take our shoes off and then crash in to bed.

We’re just outside Pompeii Scavi, where my writer’s role will be simply to observe “Cintia/Carolina” to wander around the thousands of years old streets and see her discover and amaze herself – as I was once amazed myself, and as Carolina did.

(Source: Smithsonian)


I’ll try to get another video from her (though I guess it will take a bit of bullying convincing. I’ll do my best.

Watch this space! 😉

While we delight ourselves and dive into the past, check the links below to read some interesting facts about Pompeii.




-BBC History: Pompeii: Portents of Disaster

– Smithsonian.com: Resurrecting Pompeii

– BBC Earth (video): Vesuvius eruption reconstruction

– BBC  One (documentary): Pompeii: The Mystery of the People Frozen in Time

Pompeii: The Last Day

And now, some of my Pompeii photos….

(Photos from personal archive ~ Napoli 2008/2009)

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