Mount Vesuvio


                                                                                                                                                 Photo from personal archive Napoli, Jan/2016


“It was a beautiful evening. As they walked, Carolina looked at the Vesuvius. She was always amazed at the sight of the Vesuvius.

‘It’s breath-taking, isn’t it? Something so powerful, so big and it seems so close. It looks as if He could swallow the whole city. I feel so small and unimportant looking at him.’

Fabrizio looked at the Mount Vesuvius and then back to her.

‘Yes, I know the feeling. There isn’t one day in my house that we don’t pray for the Vesuvius to stay asleep. If it wakes, I don’t think Napoli would survive. And I don’t think my parents could survive without Napoli.’

‘Really? But I heard that they can give something like a 7-day notice before anything happens, for people to evacuate the city.’

‘Well, what papà says, and I agree with him, is that if Napoli is this crazy with the Vesuvius asleep, imagine what wouldn’t happen if all of a sudden everyone decided to leave the city. It would be chaos.”

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