Passport to Love ~ The Dating Divas

Hi guys,

If you know me, you know that I’m very happily married and that Hubby and I have LOADS of fun together, right?

I’m always looking for something different, and when I came across this blog post from The Dating Divas this morning, I was shocked!

Wait. Shocked in a good way. Hubby and I always try to find different gifts for our anniversary and Valentine’s day, so when I saw the quality of the stuff these girls put together in a freebies bundle…. I went crazy, and wanted to print it off immediately, and cut it ready, and give them all to Hubby… tonight! Let’s have an Olympics of love, with all the countries at once, I thought! Haha.

Ok, I won’t tell more. Click on the post to read (and see) all about it.

Have fun and spread the word!

Don’t forget to leave a comment on their website and tell the Divas how much fun you’ve had!


Passport to Love

Looking for an anniversary or birthday gift idea for the husband or boyfriend? Already planning ahead to find the perfect, romantic Christmas present? Or maybe you want to surprise him with a little extra love… {ahem}… just because! Well, you are in luck! Because today we are sharing…

My wife is a(n) (obsessed) blogger – by Craig Arthur

‘Once upon a time, there was this beautiful English teacher from Brasile, who was like a principessa (…) one day she realized she was falling in love with the pizzaiolo… (…) They talked about the great volcano and she even told him a little bit about her hometown. He took her for her first beer, and he asked her if she wanted him to teach her Italian. He also asked if she wanted to be his girlfriend. And she said yes. (…) Carolina, Carolina…  I’ll show you how this Neapolitan pizzaiolo kisses…’ (Extract from


Hi everyone! As you all know, I’ve been having a bit of a “blogger’s block” lately… Thanks to all of you who have given me some brilliant suggestions. So far, I’ve written about my 10 favourite blogs, and soon will be creating a few lists. 🙂
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However, today’s post was inspired by my other half. My other half, my soul mate, my Mr Right, the love of my life, my partner in crime (ops, in life), the best person for perfect adventures, the future father of my children and the one who’ll have to share all the scratches with a puppy (when we get one). Hehe, better speak well of him here, so he won’t write so many bad things about me… Emoji

Hubby and I were having breakfast this morning and I had the brilliant idea of asking him to be a guest blogger! What?, you may be asking yourself. Is she crazy? Is he a blogger/writer too? Noooo… he’s not a writer, but he’s funny as hell and I’m sure he’ll write a great post.

Why have I asked him to be my guest post? Well, as I’ve already said here, he loves gardening. And I’ve been helping him, even though it’s not my favourite thing in the world. (Still, I love gardens). So, today is his turn to help me.

This post goes out to all the partners, husbands, boyfriends, wives and girlfriends of bloggers/writers who, as my husband, “suffer” from temporary neglect, since their significant others have accepted the Ultimate Blog Challenge (or any other blogging challenge) and is spending more time in front of a computer screen than cooking lunch/dinner… But mostly, it’s a MASSIVE thank you to MY husband, who has kept himself occupied with his gardening and his rugby games. Love you, beaut!!! Emoji

Hubby, over to you…  Emoji

Hi there! This is the Husband here…

Bloody blogs! What is a blog? A German toilet? I have finally realised and accepted that my wife spends more time writing than anything else….which is fantastic she has a passion for something….if it was writing typing, making notes researching etc, but the constant checking of her phone, objects beeping and bleeping drives me nuts!!

She’s very good at multi-tasking? She has no problem using a phone and laptop similtaneously to check and respond to Facebook, Twitter and her Blogs. But if I ask her to hold the basket while I transfer the washing in she finds it a struggle to concentrate….mmmmmm.

On a serious note, I have noticed that her writing skills have grown immensly (I forget sometimes she is not a native speaker) Also, my passion is gardening and she never complains when I spend hours and hours outside. Maybe I should download some gardening Apps and we can beep and bleep together 🙂

Love you too xx

P.S. Back to Dani. Haha… that’s so true! My phone is always beeping and bleeping with all the notifications of the groups posts and all. But still, he’s soooo sweet and if you (husbands, wives, partners of bloggers/writers have any comments or tips for him, leave a comment and I’ll make sure he replies to all of them. 🙂  It wasn’t so hard to get him to write here today…
Happy blogging/reading!




On marriage, gardening and worms

christmas picI don’t like gardening. I don’t hate it. I just don’t like it. My first attempt at gardening ended up in me jumping nearly 2 metres high after finding a frog buried in the patch of earth I was digging up. How the hell that frog survived, living buried there, I haven’t got a clue. I just know that it was very alive and it jumped on my foot.

          My mother was a keen gardener (she would have loved our garden if she were still alive, and it kills me that she never saw our house – Letters to my mother). My husband is a keen gardener. I like to see the flowers; I like to water the plants, walk barefoot on the grass, take photos of our flowers, birds, butterflies and ladybugs. Just don’t ask me to kneel down there and dig and dig and dig, or tidy or weed the garden. Some people may say I’m lazy. But, then, I love writing, and I won’t call you lazy if you tell me you hate it. 
          My husband has been working on our garden. He’s been cutting plants and replanting them, digging here and there, choosing carefully what plants he will use and where he will plant them. He spends hours outside and usually has a bad back at the end of the day, but he comes in and he’s so happy! I’ve been working on my novel; my first one. It’s hard work. I’m constantly thinking about things, sometimes my brain gets tired of carefully choosing what words to use, but when I’ve done my 800 words or so I’m also so happy!
           Anyways… Yesterday he asked me if I could help him in the garden this week. Uh-oh… I couldn’t say no to him. I had some things to do today and had to go some places, so when I phoned him and he said he was doing what he’d asked me to do, I have to confess that I was kind of relieved.
             When I got home he was so excited to continue the work that again I said yes. We have a “circular rockery filled with heather” (his words, I would never be able to describe it. Ha!) in the middle of our garden. He wants to build a path in the middle of it, so he needs to dig and to dig a lot. He’s shifting the earth from that rockery to the border of the garden, and because there are too many little rocks, my “job” was to sieve the earth (and according to him, I did a good job! Yay!). Ok. There I went.  
            I don’t like getting my hands dirty (hence gardening not being one of my hobbies), and I don’t like bugs or worms. But seeing my husband so happy to have me around, helping him do something he likes so much, made me incredibly happy. And as I sieved the earth I started finding worms; loads of them (my dad, who loves fishing, would be ecstatic!). I didn’t want the poor things to die, so I put aside a little branch to use whenever I saw one, putting it in the good earth. Yes, a little branch. No way I was going to touch them (even though I remember touching some when I went fishing with my dad.. Ugh!).
              “Looking after” those worms, helping my husband with something I don’t even like and making him happy, made me think about our relationship. Well, about marriage in general. We’ve been married for 5 years. We’ve had difficult times, challenges as every normal couple has, we had to adapt to each other’s cultural differences (I’m from Brazil, he is British) and so on.  I know people say that individuality in a marriage is very important and all. I totally agree with that, but in a way we are so dependant on each other! For nearly everything. We do loads of things together. We have a lot of things in common.  Gardening is not one of them. Well, like I said, he likes to work in it, I like to look at it. 😛 
               Back to the marriage, gardening and worms. Why worms? Well, while I was sieving the earth, there were loads of worms and I didn’t want them to die. (if it were spiders, there would be a totally different story) So I was there, sieving and watching out for any worms, so I could pick them up with my stick and put them in the bucket with the good earth. 
                How many times in our relationships (especially  marriages, which are supposed to “last forever”) do we look through the rocky, weedy earth and “rescue the worms”? How hard can it be to stop what you’re doing for a while to be around that one person you love so much, and who is so happy just to have your company? 
                 I don’t like gardening; and I didn’t do much today either. I “saved” a lot of worms. I had fun with my husband, we talked, we took photos of/with the worms, we hugged and kissed each other many times during those 2 hours we “worked” outside. And you know what? He wasn’t the only one who was grateful for my – very little – help. I was grateful that I could spend those 2 hours with him. And that made me happy. 
               What about my writing? Didn’t I rather be inside writing my novel, my blogs, etc? Well, he’s in bed now. We said our boa noite, amo voce*, and gave each other a biiiig kiss good night. Now, it’s my time to write. Happy, with my heart in peace and filled with love.
               How about you? How do you “rescue the worms in your marriage”? 🙂
* boa noite, amo voce = good night, I love you (in Portuguese)