Em português ~ Dia dos Pais

Primeiro post da coleção Devaneios Brasilianos aqui no website.
Tinha de ser lugar de honra, pra homenagear o meu pai, no dia dos pais.

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Dia dos Pais… é todo dia – Devaneios Brasilianos

Meu pai. Pai herói, pai trabalhador, pai preocupado. 50% do meu DNA, meu primeiro amor, o homem que serviu de modelo para que eu soubesse o que eu queria (e também o que não queria) num companheiro pra vida toda, e pro futuro pai dos meus filhos.

Passport to Love ~ The Dating Divas

Hi guys,

If you know me, you know that I’m very happily married and that Hubby and I have LOADS of fun together, right?

I’m always looking for something different, and when I came across this blog post from The Dating Divas this morning, I was shocked!

Wait. Shocked in a good way. Hubby and I always try to find different gifts for our anniversary and Valentine’s day, so when I saw the quality of the stuff these girls put together in a freebies bundle…. I went crazy, and wanted to print it off immediately, and cut it ready, and give them all to Hubby… tonight! Let’s have an Olympics of love, with all the countries at once, I thought! Haha.

Ok, I won’t tell more. Click on the post to read (and see) all about it.

Have fun and spread the word!

Don’t forget to leave a comment on their website and tell the Divas how much fun you’ve had!


Passport to Love

Looking for an anniversary or birthday gift idea for the husband or boyfriend? Already planning ahead to find the perfect, romantic Christmas present? Or maybe you want to surprise him with a little extra love… {ahem}… just because! Well, you are in luck! Because today we are sharing…

What’s Stopping You? – by Michele at Life Redesign 101

Our unlived life is where our genius resides. Our unlived life holds our highest calling, our deepest potential and the source of the gift we are meant to bring to the world. ~ Michelle, from Life Redesign 101

Hi guys,
These last days I’ve been thinking (overthinking, really) a lot about my life, what I’ve been doing with it (and to it). I have great plans for my life (and for myself and Hubby, as a couple), but so many times, these plans stay in my “unlived life”.

I came across Michelle’s post today, while browsing a Blog Linking Party. That article was like a shove on my back (yes, I’m going to be this exagerated).

I won’t write much about it, as it wouldn’t be fair on Michelle, as she writes about the procrastination struggle so wonderfully.

Click below to read Michelle’s article. Leave her a comment on her page of how it helped you (I have!), and if you know of someone (we all know a procrastinator or two, don’t we?), share her article and help someone today. 🙂


What’s Stopping You? – Life Redesign 101

Have you ever been unable to get something done? Do you procrastinate? Maybe you start projects and don’t finish them, or buy supplies for a project you can’t seem to get around to doing. Many people struggle to stick to a healthy eating and exercise plan even though they want to lose weight and get fit.

How to deal with an anxious, overthinking mind – The Writing Shed

How to deal with an anxious, overthinking mind – The Writing Shed

Anxious. Eyes slowly open. Looks around. Really? It’s still dark! It can’t be morning yet then. What time is it? Where’s my phone? Shit. I left it in the living room. How am I supposed to know the time unless I get up? Great. That’s all I needed. Gets up.