#MemoriesSunday ~ The Writing She

Neighbours ~ #MemoriesSunday

This week’s #MemoriesSunday is a “recycled” post from The Writing Shed. I spent the whole week searching the memories cupboard in my brain, and sometimes even got down the stairs to the one in my heart, but the memories stored in this one are still a bit raw, so I decided to leave them alone […]

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Thinking of Brasil ~ #MemoriesSunday

Brasil… 8,700 Km from where I am. I am missing my people. Not in a bad way; in a “memories we built” way. I’m out in The Writing Shed today, preparing/pre-planning  a new project (my very own #bulletjournal! Watch this space! 🙂 ). The weather is a bit changeable, and while I cut away labels […]

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