The making of “” (PLUS a little present for you!)

Hi all!!!

I had a crazy week and my writing was kept in the drawer for great part of the week. We’re back!

Gosh, it’s amazing to see how Carolina is growing and the story has basically been writing itself! 🙂

Carolina and Lisa have been having a great time in Napoli and I’m getting kinda…. jealous… I know, it’s mean, isn’t it? But I don’t think it is. I’ve been to Napoli, I’ve lived and worked in that amazing city and if Hubby said “Let’s go back to live there” I’d have my bags packed already.

Last night I watched this programme on Channel 5, Alex Polizzi’s Secret Italy. In this episode she visit Napoli. I watched without blinking (well, not really, but you get the idea, right?) and so longed to go back to that city that is as chaotic as magical, as mysterious as intimidating.

I just wish I could be there NOW. Walking those narrow, cobbled streets, dark alleys and vicos, where people fly by on their motorinos, honking their horns and shouting. Sitting in front of a huge, heavenly pizza Margherita, then walking towards Via Partenope, to sit by one of the kiosks, watching the sunset and the Vesuvius, sipping a super cold Peroni…

Making of (collage)

I have so many ideas for the story that my head is nearly exploding. Haha. And I thought I had writer’s block… All my characters needed was a bit of  TLC. Now that they’re finally coming out, they’re getting a life of their own.

I can hear Carolina, Lisa and Luca shouting for me already.

See you soon.