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Hi, I’m Dani

I’m a Brazilian who adopted Wales as “home” (and who has also been warmly welcomed by this wonderful country!)

One thing you will notice about me is that I LOVE to write. Man… I could just babble on and on all day. I’m not so good talking (I’m super shy), but writing… I was born to do this stuff! 🙂

I don’t want to give you my CV here (you can connect with me on LinkedIn for this).

I guess I am an old soul, a very sensitive person, who overthinks everything and everyone more than I wish I would.

Interesting Things About Me

I was born and raised in Uberlandia, Brasil, and moved to the UK in 2008. I lived in Napoli for a year (2008/09), where I left a piece of my heart. Honest, you guys, if there is a place ~ #beatcanceru have to visit while you’re alive, it’s Napoli (and its surroundings). If I could, I’d visit every month! Even if just to eat the best pizza in the world! 🙂 Napoli is also very special to me, as it was there where the idea for my first novel,, was born. If you’re a fan of chick lit, and have been to Napoli, or think about going, check the book out. You’re going to love it!  AND – by buying the ebook, £1 from EVERY book goes to a cancer charity ~ FOREVER! 🙂 This is in memory of my mother, who died of cancer in 2013.

So, after nearly a year in Napoli, Hubby and I decided to settle down in Wales, and we now live in a little piece of Heaven, near the beautiful capital of Wales. It rains loads here, but I love it so much that I’d only leave this place to live in Italy. By the sea. 😉

I graduated as a teacher (high school, uni, EFL) and when I moved to the UK I discovered Creative Writing as a course, as a profession, as a passion/obsession. I also discovered Counselling ~ by studying it and by needing it.

I guess that’s enough of babbling, eh? However, one of the things I love is to write lists. Here’s my first one for you, some random facts about myself. Hope you enjoy and see you again soon.

Random facts about me ~ The Writing Shed

A New Beginning

One day, when trying to get out of the bottomless hole I’d fallen into with my (ill) mental health, I discovered that I could actually use creative writing to help me get through my bad moments. I’m so good at it now that I can “block” those moments even when they are only a little dark grey cloud approaching.

I have a journal, I write fiction (and non-fiction, though these I tend to keep to myself, hehe), and I’m looking into developing my skills even more and diving into knowledge. My latest project was an Acceptance Commitment Therapy course at Cardiff University Centre for Lifelong Learning. I have also launched the e-course “Write your Weight off”, in which you will learn to recognise your values, in order to set you weight loss goals.  Click below to find out more about it.

Think you would like to try it? Go ahead and enrol. It’s free, plus, there are a bunch of practical printables! All FREE!   🙂  Really, all you need to do is click on the picture below!


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