Hi there,

You are looking for  interesting, friendly and – why not – useful creative writing workshops?

How about getting back your self-esteem and the sense of who you are back?

I am preparing two workshops at the moment:

  • Journal Writing
  • Writing Yourself

Both workshops are perfect for those of you who are just starting to write and for those of you who already write, but think you could do something different with your writing.

They will be online workshops at first, but hopefully we’ll be able to have workshops in the Bridgend and Cardiff area as well.

For these two first workshops, 20 places (each) will be available, and they will be FREE! How cool is that! Don’t miss this chance! Just complete the email below and you will receive an email with all the details as soon as the dates are confirmed!

I’m looking forward to welcoming you! 🙂


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