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Forever teacher and learner, with  creative writing tattooed all over her heart. Discovering “counselling skills” and finding ways of wrapping them  around my writing. Lives in  a little piece of Heaven, near the beautiful capital of Wales. Married (Hubby has even written a guest post!)and always in love like a teenager. Loves dogs and babies and music and cinema and chocolate. =) Passionate and compulsive –although timid – writer who sees potential stories in every person, flower, bird, and fly that passes by. Doesn’t like spiders.






What? This is not enough? Uff… Ok. I thought you would be more interested in reading my articles and stories, but if you want to find out more about myself, you’re the boss! 😉

I was born and raised in Brasil, in a city called Uberlandia. I am the oldest of three sisters, daughter of a mother in Heaven and a father who is still around, albeit very far away, to give us three and a beautiful blue-eyed grandson (I’m also an auntie!) loads of kisses and hugs – and recommendations. Hehe.

I became an English teacher after trying it as a part-time job while I went through three (!!) uni courses: one and a half year of Economics (Maths was just too much for me), three years of Law school (I’m too sensitive to be a criminal lawyer), and finally the one I actually finished, English and English Language Literatures. Tired already? Hehe. I also got an MA in English and Creative Writing, this one from a UK (Welsh) uni.

What else can I tell you? Ahm… Oh, I have very itchy feet – lucky that Hubby has too! My mum used to say that I did all the travelling she hadn’t done. I always took that as I compliment and always felt really happy telling her about my adventures.

One of these big adventures was to move to Napoli, Italy, as a newly-wed, to live and work. It was brilliant, because neither Hubby nor I knew anything about the place, so we explored it together. It was in Napoli that the idea for loveandpizza.it and Carolina’s adventures were born, in 2008. (Holly cow! 6 years to write a bloody novel?? Yep, but it”s finally here! )

Another big adventure was moving out from my parents’ home. This includes one month trip to Europe (France, Germany and ONE NIGHT in Wales), one denied leave to enter in Cardiff and meeting the love of my life. Moving to Wales and getting married here also collaborated to my being nearly being denied boarding in Barcelona, having my passport held by immigration until I left for Italy and too many times being said to wait while they checked my passport and all my details. Not to mention all the £££ Hubby and I have already “given” to Home Office. Anyway, it all ended well. I love it here in Wales and I’m here to stay! Well, unless my book is sold to Hollywood; then Hubby and I will buy a villa in the south of Italy. (He said it will be in Spain, but why argue when you can barely afford a two-week holiday a year, eh?)

On writing…  I love it! I love it! I love it! I also discovered the pleasure of blogging and the closeness I feel with my readers when they visit and leave comments. It’s like meeting an old friend, or making a new one. And to be honest, I’m always up for a coffee and a chat with a good friend. I hope you’ll be as comfortable in the Shed as I am, and will always want to come back.

I also love writing letters. Last year I started a project of exchanging letters/postcards with old – and not so old – friends from Facebook. It went a bit slow (my fault), but I have started it over.

I’m also an avid reader, and a journal writer.

Pretty and colourful things make me smile, as well as puppies or kittens and babies and children. I wish I could live 10 steps from the sea. 🙂

I also mentioned spiders… but let’s not go there, ok?

Well, I guess that’s enough now, eh?

It was lovely to meet you! 🙂