Last year – yeah, I know, ages ago – I read an article  about this “send a love letter to strangers” thing, started by Hannah Brencher. Her website, More Love Letters, is amazing! 

I’ve always been a sucker for letters, and used to have pen pals when I was a teenager and also correspond with my cousins and even a boyfriend who had moved abroad with his family for a year. I still can remember the smell of those and the cute bear writing paper they were written in (Forever Friends).

Years later, came the letters from my Welsh boyfriend – now Dear Hubby! 😀 – and even though we already had internet and emails and MSN chats by then, I still LOVED to get home from work and see the envelope, which I knew would be filled with so much love…



So, last year, after reading that article, I decided to give it a go and posted on my Facebook profile that I’d be sending letters/postcards to any of my friends who wanted to receive them.

They sent me their postal addresses via inbox and so I started… two letters per week.

The funny thing is that the very first people who messaged me their addresses were people I hadn’t seen in ages – a uni friend and  a secondary school friend, among other very dear and sweet friends. I was so excited I got everything ready: bought a set of cute writing paper (Paperchase is my favourite!), nice pens and stickers and loads of postcards!  I had so much fun writing them, and after I “kissed them away” and posting them through the huge red letter box by my house, (for luck, so they wouldn’t get lost in the post) I counted the days to see a photo of the envelope on Facebook, taken by an ecstatic friend. Then, I started counting the days again, this time to receive their reply letter. Opening  our front house coming home from work (or listening to the post box flap opening, followed by a light thud on the floor) and seeing the letter on the matt brought a huge smile to my face and my heart warmed by holding the envelope (all of them from Brasil, with the exception of a postcard from Singapore!)

After that, I must confess, life just got in the way – not in a very nice way – and I didn’t continue with the correspondence. I guess I was the one in need of received hundreds of love letters from strangers myself.

A year on, and one of those friends was the lucky one to receive another letter from me. This time, with a little gift – related to a big passion that we both share: writing! She sent her reply soon after (in February) and the letter never came… until last Saturday!!!! Oh my God! I couldn’t believe it when I got home and saw a bright yellow envelope on the door mat in the kitchen. That was a great week, because just a few days earlier, I had also received more love by post: one of my best friends’ wedding invitation!!!Capture


Feeling good result: write more letters!  I’m starting the #loveinanenvelope challenge.

Get your writing set ready, your most beautiful pens and think about some of the prospective recipients. Make a list and include:

  • someone you haven’t seen for a long time;
  • someone you know who needs some encouraging words;
  • someone you’ve fallen out with and would like to say “sorry” to;
  • someone you need to forgive;
  • someone you love to bits, but don’t say it often enough – or don’t say at all; (hey, no wrecking marriages, please! 😉 I was thinking of your mum/dad/sibling)
  • a complete stranger – and then just leave it in a café or a park bench (make sure is protected from the weather!) or bus stop (bus seat, train seat, etc).

Are you with me? So, let’s get those love letters away as soon as we can.

Share this challenge using #loveinanenvelope and post a photo of your envelope (if you like) to your Facebook profile. Use @MyWritingShed so we can reach more people! (don’t forget to protect the receiver’s details!)

My first letter will go to my grandpa, who’s been in hospital.

How about yours?  🙂